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About me

I'm so glad you're around here :)

My name is Marta, I was born in Mallorca, Spain, in 1992 and after finishing my Psychology degree in 2016, I went to live and work in Germany in October of that same year until the beginning of March 2020

Yes, it was pure coincidence that I moved to Mallorca just before everything that is happening with the virus happened!

But I tell you ... Going to Germany is what allowed me to discover my passion for photography (self-taught) and especially for landscapes and nature

I not only discovered photography but also the freedom to travel. And besides, being away from your family is also a journey of discovery  itself in many ways

I am one of those people who when they have to talk about themselves don't know how to start, how to continue, or how to end! I would tell you a lot but because of the excitement it would be a tremendous mess!

So I'm going to try not to write to much and let you discover me your way :) For now I can tell you 3 things about me:

- With photography I try to reflect in the most possible natural way the reality that surrounds me. If a landscape has suggested me a WOW! I want you to feel it too!

- Although my website is more like a photo counter, I love to write and take you by the hand, telling you how my travels feel. If you are one of those people who likes to read, I invite you to join me on my Instagram

- I have a great motivation to continue learning and experimenting with photography and I am open to any suggestion or collaboration

I hope you enjoy your stay on this memories cruise!

What I did

Photographic Travels

Photographic Exhibitions

Internationale Kunstausstellung

Stockholmer Strasse, Berlin
15 September - 2019

Internationale Kunstausstellung

Stockholmer Strasse, Berlin
8 September - 2018

Ikigai Experience, organized by Destino Ikigai

 01.10.19 - 08.10.19

 My photo project of Ireland on Instagram

Discover Sicily, organized by Letmeitalianyou

 09.05.19 - 12.05.19
My photo project (29 pics): Flickr

Discover Krakow, organized by Letmeitalianyou 

 29.11.18 - 02.12.18

 My photo project (60 pics): Flickr

Magazine Articles

The magic of Galway (in spanish)
Magellan Magazine
April 2020

You can read it here

What I do

- Currently my activity is focused on Instagram, where I publish my trips, always with stories behind. You can find there even more pictures than here

- Since January 2019 I collaborate on a travel blog, writing articles about Mallorca, my hometown:

- I also sell some stock photography. For now I don't take it seriously, I have few photos and the vast majority of trips

- In the TRAVELS section you will find my photographs for sale

What I plan

Use this website that I have lovingly created as a counter and store

I am creating an activity for Airbnb Experiences, of which I still can't tell you anything, for when you come to visit Mallorca :)

In the medium-long term, this website will also be a travel and photography blog, in general terms. Nothing that doesn't already exist, but I'll think of how to make it special;)

Where you can find me

Stock Photography

Shutterstock - Adobe StockDreamstime - Alamy  

Online Shops

Redbubble - Darkroom 

Secrets about me

Without giving you many clues, so you can decide how far to discover ;)

1. My first 6-month-old "travel" blog that I started when I went to GermanyHere


2. You may have wondered how I ended up in photography if I studied psychology. Shyness would be the simplified answer

3. My Youtube, channel, which I hardly use, but do you dare to take a look? :P

4. Although I don't dedicate myself to psychology as a profession, psychology and personal development are very present in my life and I hope to be able to tell you about it when I develop that medium-long term blog that I told you about 


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